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Foundry Process

Step 1
Beginning of the mother mold process.

Step 2
Taking the imperfections out of the wax.

Step 3
Wax sprued prior to the ceramic mold.

Step 4
Ceramic slurry mold process.

Step 5
Slurry room - finished ceramic molds.

Step 6
Wax being melted out of the ceramic mold, followed by the curing of the ceramic mold in preparation for the bronze pour.

Step 7
Taking the molten bronze out of the furnace.

Step 8
Metal pour of the molten bronze into the ceramic mold- 2000 F.

Step 9
Metal preparation room.

Step 10
Rich welding.

Step 11
Rich over seeing the patina process.

Step 12
Rich chasing the metal (grinding) “Out on the Terrace.”

Step 13
Rich working on “The Three Bears” and “Roseate Spoonbill”.

Step 14
Rich with finished bronzes.

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